The first goal is to release and play a few cards to build each base, in line and stick, from ace to king. The ultimate goal is to build the entire package for the card game, and if it can be done, it will win the Solitaire game.

How to Play Solitaire

The goal is to eliminate only the pyramid, but for an additional challenge, try to remove all cards considered in groups of 3.
You deliver the cards only once in the background.
However, in order for the game to better test the logic and design, this version introduces the idea of ​​a temporary card store. You open a letter directly from a pyramid or an auction of 3 cards at the bottom, and allow it to release one of the following items. You can use this card at any time, but the Temporary Card Store may contain a single card, so you must use the card in the store to place another card in the temporary card store.

To form the frame, you must create seven stacks. From left to right, place the first card to make the first pile, distribute a hidden face card for the next six batteries. From the left to the right, place a face card on the second battery and separate a hidden face card with the batteries from three to seven. From the left to the right, place a card face-up in the third pile and spread a card for stacks of four to seven. Continue with this model until the Seven stack has a face card that is visible in a stack of six cards upside down.

The remaining cards form the share stack and are placed on the chassis.

Once the remaining leaves are distributed until they are depleted, they can be combined (unmixed) 3 times and then Redealtar. If you are looking to complete a particularly difficult version, you see if you win with just one offer.
You play with, or try to remove all cards from the package. The purpose of removing the pyramid from yourself.

The cards can only be removed if they are fully exposed without overlapping the cards.
The pairs of cards that total 13 can only be withdrawn together. For example, an ace and a queen (a queen is equal to 12), a two and a cap (a cork is equal to 11), three and ten, and so on.
A king can only be eliminated, as he is equal to 13.
You divide 3 cards under the pyramid each time you catch it.

Initially, the bases and discard stacks are empty (have no cards).

The cards change from one sheet at a time. If the card can not be combined with another card available, it is thrown in a pile of trash with the most exposed card still available for linking. At any time, any pair of cards available that competitors 13 or individual kings exposed can be transferred to the discard pile. The maps are available that are fully exposed and include one of six reservation cards, the last letter that was rejected by the reservation, the upper badge stack card, and every letter fully discovered in the Pyramid. Only the six cards on the bottom line of the pyramid are available at the beginning of the game and, when eliminated, make the cards higher on the available pyramid. For a pyramid card to be available, it must be fully exposed by removing the two sheets that cover it. When the inventory is exhausted and there are only 13 pairs left, the game will be over.

Always get rid of the kings as quickly as possible, do nothing, but get on the road!
See if it’s worth playing the game! If, for example, all 6 are at the top of the pyramid, with the seven below it will be impossible to win the game. In the modern version of the rules with the temporary card store, there are far less obvious exclusion conditions than when using the classic rules.
You have to watch your movements. So ideally, every move releases a letter below that you use immediately. The modern variation promotes more design and logic than the classic variant that is much more fatal.
Assuming you play the rule of eliminating the pyramid alone, it is almost always best to remove the cards in the pyramid! But if you play to remove each card, it is often necessary to make the effort to distribute the removal of the letters from the lowest distribution of 3 cards while viewing the pyramid to avoid the foreclosure conditions mentioned above.

The original matrix can be changed from “Construction”: card transfer between the cards face visible on the box. Some graphics cards can be played simultaneously, while others can not be played until some block cards are removed. For example, on the seven sheets of the box, if one is 1 9 and the other of ten, you drag the nine into the top ten to start building the stack in line. When you moved nine of the seven batteries, did you unlock a hidden face card now? This card can be delivered and is now in danger.

How to Play Spider Solitaire

Spider is another solitaire game that has become popular thanks to the integration in Microsoft Windows. The game varies in difficulty from simple to really difficult, depending on the number of sticks you use and I have changed the score to solitaire version of the city to reward you with more points if you win the game by playing with the strictest rules .
Card design

The game is played with two card suits. After a complete mix of the two plates, 4 rows of 10 sheets are divided face to form the columns of the frame. 4 additional cards are divided into the 4 leftmost columns, then a card is divided at the end of each column. The remaining leaves are placed upside down to form the stock.
Spider Card design

Spider is usually played with two standard decks, but the game is very difficult in this way. There are versions of the Spider game a costume and two suit that still use 104 cards, but they only use sticks in the game of a single stick and sticks and hearts in the game of two matches. Additional card packages are needed to complete the numbers. This makes the spider much easier.

When you move letters in the box and start building sequences, the ACE must be placed in one of the stacks of foundations when you discover an ACE. The bases are built by Palo and in the ACE series with the king.

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire

The transfer of the cards one on top of the other to the image in order is required to start. If you can not move cards upside down, you can use the reverse stock of the first card. This card can be played on the bases or the dashboard. If you do not play the card in the frame or the foundation stacks, place the card in the waste stack and place another card in the stack.

There are two types of pyramid scheme Solitaire, classic and modern. Both share most of the rules, but the modern game is easier and many like it more! The idea of ​​the game is to remove all leaves from the pyramid, although some purgatory can claim that all cards will be removed, including cards that you manipulate yourself. We think that a loner is crazy, but hey, play the version that floats on your boat!

If you have an empty space in the box by removing cards elsewhere, this is called “Space”, and it is very important to manipulate the box. If you create a space, you only finish with a king. Filling a room with a king could unlock one of the closed cards in another stack of the box.

Continue to transfer cards into the box and place the cards in the stack game until all cards are built into sticks on the Piers foundation to win!
Many Solitaire games can be played in smaller areas by a board game. Others require a larger playing area, and these games are often played on the floor or in a duvet. As an alternative, to play with large drawings on a game board, miniature cards are available. These are usually half the size of the standard cards.

Almost all Solitaire games are played with one or more standard packages of 52 cards. The standard Solitaire uses a pack of 52 cards.

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